At Superior Property Inspection Services®, we know every property is different. We’re happy to be able to provide complete property inspection, offering you a variety of services in addition to our base inspection, so you can get a complete picture on the condition of the property and its components. 

Big or small, large warehouse to multi-unit residential & commercial spaces, we are here to assist you with the evaluation of your future asset.

Our inspectors conduct a comprehensive inspection. After your inspection is completed, you will receive a personal introduction to your  property, accompanied by a thorough and easy to read report that contains all the vital information about the condition of your property.

We promise you Superior Service and Superior results.

Inspection Services

Residential Inspection


Our residential home inspection will assist you in evaluating your future purchase or help you maintain your current asset. 

 We have many ways we can help you to get the complete picture on your home.

Commercial Property assessments


Our goal is to provide you with the best commercial property assessment and so you have the tools needed to make an informed decision about your investment.

From small to large buildings we have dedicated teams that can help you get the picture on your investment.

Radon Testing


Many properties in have radon levels that fluctuate.  Conditions may change that may affect the radon gas levels.

Our technician can help provide you with the information you need to evaluate and mitigate this issue.

Wood Destroying Insects


There are many organisms that may pose a risk to the structure. Wood destroying insects not only cause damage to wood but can also be the cause of extensive structural damages to your home or commercial property without your knowledge. Our visual inspections of homes and commercial properties goal is to reveal or rule out areas of activity and presence of termites and other wood destroying insects.

Infrared inspections and evaluations


InfraRed Pros® provides one of the best infrared expert consultation services.

Using the latest in infrared diagnosis for electrical, mechanical and building systems, we will work to reduce any downtime and failures that can affect your bottom line.

Follow the link below to our Infrared Pros page to learn more.

Anchilary Services

Additional services provided

At Superior Property Inspection Services® we provide an all inclusive service. By selecting to work with our company you also have access to a team of reputable consultants and professionals for additional services you may need.

Because we understand the purchase you are looking to make is one of the greatest investments you will make, it is our goal to provide you with the services you need and nothing but the best.

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