Commercial Property Assessment / inspection

Superior Property Inspection Service’s® team of professionals conducts commercial property assessments. Our goal is to provide you with the best commercial property assessment and commercial inspection so you have the tools needed to make an informed decision about your investment. We are here to assist you and give you peace of mind by performing the necessary commercial property inspections, providing environmental studies and overseeing details such as record research related to your prospective property. Big or small, large warehouse to multi-unit residential & commercial spaces, we are here to assist you with the evaluation of your future asset.

Commercial Property Assessment includes:

Our inspections are InteNACHI certified commercial inspectors

  1. Conduct a review of available documentation
  2. Perform a Walk-through survey
  3. Perform Inspections of systems and components such as electrical, roof, plumbing, heating, etc.
  4. Perform Thermal Evaluation (if requested)
  5. Produce a Report detailing findings and recommendations

Commercial assessments we offer


Full Commercial Property Assessment

We offer full Inspection on every aspect of the building. This includes visual inspection, information gathering, interviews of key personnel and evaluation by licensed professionals as needed. This option requires a few days to complete and involves investigation of personnel, permits, and documentation.


Visual Commercial Property Assessment

The visual inspection is similar in nature to a typical residential inspection. It is much shorter and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.


Rental Inspection of Commercial Property

Our Inspector will inspect all rental units to ensure they are properly maintained; including all utilities. We also provide detailed information on the condition of each unit. Our inspector will provide a full detailed report to the owner/ownership group.


Construction and Renovation Inspection of Commercial Property

Our team will assist investors and property owner with managing and overseeing their project. Visit our renovation consultation section for details on how we can provide you with our superior services.