InfraRed Pros® provides one of the best infrared expert consultation services

Using the latest in infrared diagnosis for electrical, mechanical and building systems, we will work to reduce any downtime and failures that can affect your bottom line.

We provide diagnostics and preventive measures to save you time and money using our high quality Thermography equipment. Our expert, certified infrared technicians can provide you with insight on your equipment and/or building condition.

We provide a detailed thermal imaging report outlining any issues found. 

InfraRed Pros® will develop preventive maintenance programs to allow you to reduce downtime and unexpected shutdown costs thus allowing you to maximize profit and improve your bottom line.

Our Mission

Our goal is to identify potential equipment and building issues using our infrared equipment thus allowing our clients to reduce downtime and cut cost. We strive to provide you with the best diagnostic services using the latest in Infrared Technology.

Our services

Building Assessment

Building envelope evaluation by InfraRed pros

A building envelope analysis is the best proven, nondestructive and complete method for troubleshooting building heat loss, structural energy problems, poor construction practices, missing or inadequate insulation, moisture infiltration and air leakage.

You can improve your building performance by the evaluating construction quality of the building envelope including: proper insulation, windows, doors, side walls, and utility performance.

InfraRed Pros employs cutting-edge thermographic technology to develop an accurate and detailed “big picture” of the facility’s thermal performance, so you can select the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies for repair and/or renovation.

Infrared Electrical Inspection

Electrical infrared evaluation by InfraRed pros

InfraRed Pros infrared electrical inspection of electrical components will diagnose your electrical system and its components without the need for shutdowns that may impact your productivity and schedule.

Infrared Pros uses high resolution Infrared cameras that produce accurate and reliable results showing you issues with your system such as:

  • overheating components
  • unbalance loads and harmonics
  • system overloads
  • defective equipment
  • inductive heating
  • open circuits

before they become critical and can cost you thousands of dollars in emergency repair and shut down costs.

Solar Panel Photovoltaic Inspection

Solar panel PV system evaluation by Infrared pros

Solar panel photovoltaic inspection ~ Solar panels Photovoltaic Systems are becoming more and more a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings as they are a great way to save on your energy cost.

These systems capture heat energy from the sun and convert it to electrical power. Over time, the components of the system begin to fail or become damaged. As a result, reduction of their ability to generate power and thus reducing the efficiency of the system is diminished. These issues sometimes affect your system production but do not trigger any notification in your system controls. A Solar Panel Photovoltaic Inspection can help you prevent this loss.

Mechanical Industrial Component Infrared Inspection

Mechanical evaluation by InfraRed Pros

Incorporating infrared inspection into your maintenance process can assist in early detection of potential problems as heat is often the first sign of failure in many mechanical systems. Infrared Pros has several solutions for industrial and commercial properties that will cut cost, reduce unscheduled downtime, minimize or eliminate unexpected costs and save on parts while increasing safety, and profitability.

Whether your facility uses mechanical equipment, steam driven equipment or any other manufacturing or mechanical process, our services will assist you in reducing your liability and cost of unexpected failures and shutdowns. Our inspections can provide early detection of potential mechanical failures, without the need to shut down equipment or interfere with production timeline.

Aerial Thermography

Aerial Infrared inspection services by Infrared Pros

Infrared Pros® offers aerial residential and commercial building inspections as well as photography and land survey using an advanced Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system.

We provide you with high definition photos and videos as well as thermal imaging of any project at any height using our 4K video and Infrared HD radiometric camera.

We have drone pilots that are FAA certified and comply with all registration and authorizations required to properly operate our UAV system. We hold up to $5 Million dollars of insurance depending on the type and needs of the job.

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