Additional Services offered by us and/or our vendors

At Superior Property Inspection Services® we provide an all inclusive service. By selecting to work with our company you also have access to a team of reputable consultants and professionals for additional services you may need.

Because we understand the purchase you are looking to make is one of the greatest investments you will make, it is our goal to provide you with the services you need and nothing but the best. The following is a sampling of additional services needed by some of our clients that we can provide as part of our regular services.

Services we provide

Septic Testing


If your house have a septic system, it is important to evaluate the system once at least every 5 years or prior to sale of the house. Our septic professionals can inspect the system, pump the tank, run cameras through the waste lines to ensure everything is in working order and evaluate all the components from the tank to the field. 

We will make sure you understand the system and its components and how to best protect and maintain the system. You will receive a detailed Septic Report completed by our licensed Septic Inspection vendor company.

Oil Tank Sweeps


Many older homes were initially heated with oil. After a natural gas conversion, tanks may have been forgotten about or never completely removed. The history of many properties is unknown because some towns did not initially record the location of oil tanks.

Although we look for any visible signs of an existing oil tank throughout our inspection, we cannot confirm with 100% certainty that an abandoned oil tank does not exist on the property.

We highly recommend that an Oil Tank Search or sweep be conducted to determine if an abandoned heating oil tank remains on this property. Unknown or abandoned tanks are common place. A Tank Search or sweep is performed with specialized sub-surface tank detection equipment.

Oil Tank Testing


The existing tank and soil around it can be tested to determine if there are any potential contamination hazards.

We highly encourage that an oil storage tank be professionally tested. We recommend that a tank specialist perform a precision tank integrity test and / or sub-surface soil sampling. A complete tank investigation will determine tank integrity and identify soil contamination.

Testing the soil around any home heating oil tank is paramount. Verifying soil contamination is most important, should you ever want to remove the tank and convert to another fuel.

The clean-up cost for a “Simple” leak averages $15,000-$30,000. All lab work and sampling will be done by a licensed and approved DEP vendor and guaranteed. A detailed report with explanation and relevant lab work will be provided in an easy to read format.

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