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Renovation Consultation

We at Superior Property Inspection strive to provide renovation consultation with outstanding client service. 

Our team will guide you throughout the entire process from start to finish. 

We work with you to ensure your dreams come true!

The journey to your dream project start with us!

Renovation Consultation by SPIS:

Looking to purchase a less-than-perfect property and make it your dream home?

Tired of your current home and looking to renovate? 

Looking to invest on a commercial property?

Are you worried about who to hire to make your dream come true and avoid a nightmare?

Let us be your guide throughout the process, trust in our expertise to give you a peace of mind managing your project.

We speak English and Spanish. We will be happy to talk to you about your project Contact us for more information.


Consultation Services Provided to our clients


Feasibility Reports

Our consultant will evaluate the property and will prepare a feasibility analysis providing you with a rough estimate on cost for repairs. 

Our report follows the outlines mandated by FHA and will detail work needed to be done to bring the project to completion and obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Consultation Service

Whether hard money or bank financed, we provide you consultation from start to finish. We help price the project, select the right contractor, scope out materials and supervise the progress until completion. 

We serve as YOUR eyes and ears on the ground making sure your timelines are met.

Contractor Selection

With our expert advice and scope of work, selecting the right contractor for the job is made easy. We will assist in contractor selection, review of contractor bid pricing and final negotiations so you know you have an expert on your side who understand your needs and know the project details.

Construction Supervision

Our team will be your eyes and ears on the ground providing you with the overview you need on the project. We will inspect each stage and report on progress and quality of work making sure the timeline of the project is strictly enforced. 

Draw & Payment Requests

When it is time to pay the contractors, whether it is for materials purchased or job preformed, our consultants will provide a report detailing the process and check to make sure everything was done according to plans and that no money is being released for work or material that are not within the scope of the project.

Completion, Final Draw, Walkthrough & Delivery

It is our goal to ensure your project is done and completed in the manner in which you have expected it to be. Our renovation consultation and construction management will help you to complete your project on time and on budget. 

From design to final product - we support you through the entire process.

Why work with us?


What we do

We provide renovation consultation with outstanding client service. Our team will guide you throughout the entire process from start to finish. We work with your loan officer and contractors to deliver your project in a timely manner ensuring the work was done right and following the scope of work.


Who we are

We are renovation Consultants providing renovation consultations and construction services with focus on you-our client! 

We strive to be the best and most qualified consultants in the business.

We are licensed and certified building inspectors and approved renovation consultants including 203K and Homestyle loans.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best consultation service in the industry using our experience and latest technology available. 

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