New Jersey Home Inspection Standard

What it is?

The New Jersey Standard of Practice govern the Home inspection process. It is covering the license requirement, what is inspected and what is expected to be reported to the client.

Where can I get information

Home Inspectors in the state of New Jersey report to the Office of the Attorney General, Division of consumer Affairs Home Inspection Advisory Committee.

You can follow the link below to the state website:

Other Standard of practices

When not mandated by the New Jersey Law, we follow the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards. This include Commercial inspections and services.

New Jersey standard of practice


copy of the New Jersey Standard of practice NJ ADC 13:40-15.16 The original can be found here for your information. Please refer to the state website for the latest copy of the law.

NJ HI Standards of Practice (pdf)


Commercial Standard of practice

Please click and download below the Commercial Standard of Practice for information about what we report during a commercial inspection.