Aerial Drone Inspections & Thermography


Superior Property Inspections Services® offers aerial residential and commercial building inspections as well as photography using an advanced Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system.

We provide you with high definition photos and videos as well as thermal imaging depending on the project using our 4K video HD camera and Infrared HD radiometric camera.

We are FAA certified and comply with all registration and authorizations required to properly operate our UAV system. We hold up to $5 Million dollars of insurance depending on the type and needs of the job. and have solutions that can fit into almost every project.

UAV aerial inspection

Our team performs detailed inspection of components that are not readily visible or accessible from the ground or from a ladder. This removes risks and costs of inspection on high ladders or walking in dangerous situations that you might otherwise experience.

Drone UAVs assist in performing many applications such as: building inspections, roofing inspections and building moisture investigation. We can also perform solar photovoltaic (PV) system inspections, utility inspections, land surveys and mass calculations with the use of advance software.

If you have a need for services that are not referenced here – we can help, please contact us as we will be glad to assess your needs.

Some of the services we offer

Roofing and building envelope aerial inspections


We provide you tools to pinpoint the exact locations of energy loss or material failures. Using our infrared equipment, we can diagnose issues such as damaged or missing insulation, poor mechanical or structural design and deteriorated or damaged siding. You can save money and improve the energy efficiency of the building, while preventing further damage by fixing the issues.

Solar Panels (PV) drone inspections


We provide reliable and safe methods to detect cracks and defects in solar panels. We evaluate the panels, disconnects, and inverters without the need to power down the system or worrying about damaging panels while inspecting.

We can provide you with pre-installation inspections, quality control inspections when panels are already installed, as well as preventive maintenance consultation. Our team can perform a Solar Panel Photovoltaic Inspection and assist in evaluating any existing system.

Aerial survey and land calculation


Our UAV system has full GPS and geotagging capabilities that allow us to preform land surveys and land mass calculations to assist you with surveys of your potential project and budget earth movements and large excavations.

Using advance software features, we can deliver a 3D image of your project or area that will showcase any project and allow you to rotate, turn and calculate areas, landmasses and features.

Whatever your project is, we can provide you with service that meets or exceeds your expectations as well as a product to help you reduce your cost and increase your profitability by showcasing your project.

Aerial search and recovery services


Our UAV system has Thermal imaging capabilities allowing it to “spot” thermal signature from high above. This allow us to aid in search and recovery of missing pets, animals and even people. With both visible light and high resolution infrared cameras we can give you a bird’s eye view on large area allowing us to cover more ground. When time is a critical factor our expert service can save you time and often save lives.

To request information and book our services

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